This blog is all about my mission to create my Cosplay outfit for Eurogamer.Net Expo 2012 in London.

I have chosen Axton from Borderlands 2 as the character I am going to use, the reasons for this is that I am a big Borderlands fan, I thought that it would be something I could achieve in the short timeframe I have to create/design all the elements and of course it meant I could create a couple of awesome guns of my own creation that could live in the Borderlands universe.

I am very lucky to live near to Manchester and have access to some cool toys to help me in the creation of the elements I need in the form of the FabLab, who offer access to 3D printing, laser cutters, a CNC machine and loads of other toys, if you live in the area I recommend checking it out! Having these facilities will make the creation of some elements a lot easier and to a greater level of detail then I would have not been able to do without access to these facilities.
I hope this site will help others in creating their own Cosplay outfits as some of the initial principles I use here are transferable to any project.

I have chosen WordPress as my blogging platform so I can also post updates from my phone when I reach London and share some of the craziness as I go!

  1. what day are you going on because im going as a psycho. we should totally meet up. would be epic

  2. im going on the sunday only btw

  3. wish i had seen this before! i was there yesterday as lilith. have fun with it!

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