Gun Construction – Scavenger Hunt

The start of my gun construction starts life out in the same way most cosplay gun builds start… a water pistol, my main gun is going to get some quite significant alterations, I am also making a ‘noisy cricket’ from another water pistol, but this will just be a paint job to transform it.

So back to my main build, the first thing I have done is to come up with a design I like the idea of; I did this by photographing my water pistol and then using good old google to search for gun parts – Barrel, Stock, Clips and sights to come up with a combination I like.

Now that I have that I can start to think about how I am going to achieve it. As I mentioned before I have access to some great tools at FabLab so I am going to use the ShopBot which can mill, cut and carve shapes out to creat my clip and possibly my gun sight too.

But while coming up with these ideas I found a kids golf club which came apart creating a handy stock and possibly the barrel too. attaching the stock was straight forward with a trusty glue gun but I am still to figure out how to attach the barrel, I thinking of doing something that can be screwed on to make transport easy.

During my scavenge for parts I found an old laser pointer that I hacked apart and have mounted inside the pumping mechanism of the gun.

Doing it in this way meant that i could keep the battery compartment accessible and reuse the push button saving lots of time in building and soldering!

At the moment that’s as far as I have got once I have all the elements together it will be time for a paint and new post on the site to show the process I went though to make it less like a water pistol with a glued on golf club and more like a super creation of DAHL industries!


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