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Came accross this little treasure trove of Cosplay so please check it out!

Welcome to Cosplay Island

Cosplay Island is a social networking, portfolio and resource site for UK cosplayers.

Costume Portfolio – Upload photos and information about your costumes, or browse the thousands by other people.

Photographer Galleries – Exclusive galleries from some of the best UK cosplay photographers.

Community Forum – An active and welcoming community of people there to discuss plans with or ask for advice from.

Shop Directory – User submitted directory of some of the best places to get your cosplay supplies from.

Event Reports / Videos – An extensive directory of UK cosplay events often including written and video reports.

Tutorials – Learn new techniques in our guided tutorials.

Cosplay News – Stay updated with all the latest news from the UK scene.

Sign-up today, membership is free, and you can be a part of the UK’s biggest and friendliest cosplay community.

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  1. Reblogged this on claire does cosplay and commented:
    This is a great site for ideas and documenting your Cosplay achievents.

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