Gun Construction – Reload!


ShopBot (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

ImageToday I have been working on creating the layout for the gun magazine ready to milled out on the ShopBot in Fablab in a couple of weeks time. I liked the look of the AK47 magazine, so I have taken my inspiration from that and imported a photo as a reference into inkscape so I could trace the outline. ShopBot requires a .PDF document to import into its software where you set cutting depths etc. As I can only get limited time with the machine I have chosen to simplify the design and add some decals/paint effects to the mag once it is completed. I think that if I could get lots of extra time I would look to mill out the logos etc. on the mag (next time perhaps). The notch on the top of the design is to help it attach to the gun securely, It will add a bit of weight to the finished product but I think that will help it feel more solid!

As  you can see I have created in to halves to, which speeds up the cutting process and will also give a seem like its metallic real life counter part., I think the trusty glue gun might be a nice fast way to bring them together, however I may opt for nuts and bolts if time is available.

My ShopBot files are here if you want to use them, these are yet untested so use them at your peril!

Black and White .PDF

Colour .PDF


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