Gun Construction – A Lick of Paint

It has been a busy week but today I finally got around to starting my paint job, with only a few weeks to go there is a lot still to accomplish!

My first step was to break the gun down ready for painting, I am using standard Car Spray Paint for my initial layers of paint bought for the princely sum of 1 pound a can these cheap shops can come in handy sometimes!

Now that I had it broke down it was time to give all the parts a light sanding so the paint has something to grip too, the first coat is just going to be a primer of grey.


All these parts used up a 250ml can and some of them didn’t get the coverage I wanted so looks like I will have to make another trip this week for one more can of primer and black spray to finish the job off.

After throwing my primer down I hit it with the black as you can see I “missed a bit” but this is just the first coat. Once I am happy with the base I will then start on the detail and colour. So far I am quite pleased how it is going, but I think once I have all the other parts attached it will then start to look finished.

I also had a spare extra ‘gun’ lying around so I decided to give that a bit of a spray too as a back-up, this too needs some more work but I am thinking of sticking with the grey base and adding colour and decals later.

So I still have lots of elements to finish off and hopefully the weather stays with me so I can finish spray painting this week!



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