Why not cosplay all the time?

We all love our cosplay, and we all love looking stylish…well, I don’t care much about style first thing in the morning, but I like announcing my ‘geekdom’ when I pick my outfit for the day. This being the case, I never thought I’d be writing about fashion, but I just can’t resist sharing the awesomeness of this latest release – guaranteed to satisfy geeky fashionistas!The ‘one-man company’ Volante Design has pushed the boundaries of cosplay and casual-wear to the limit. His latest design comes from Assassin’s Creed III and gives a stunning take on Connor Kenway’s jacket as seen in the game. The quality looks superb and with many design variations in the pipeline, I can’t help but picture that online basket overflowing with orders. The jacket comes in at $320 which approximates to £200. Even though it may seem pricey, with its removable hood and foldable panels, this jacket will distinguish you as a true Assassin’s Creed gamer and turn heads for all the right reasons. To quote Futurama: “Shut up and take my money!” And it’s not only independent designers looking at this cosplay/streetwear crossover, as Capcom teamed up with designers Punk Drunkers to reveal on their Japanese site a new line of Megaman hoodies. With blue and black to choose from, you can don the hoodie, pull up the ‘helmet’ and unfold the blaster arm to run around in your very own pseudo-android, cosplay fashion statement! These will hit the market around October/November time and will be selling for ¥14,700, which to you and me translates as roughly £117. This is where the anime ‘bubble sigh’ escapes our lips. For what’s included, you need to pay prices that kick you in the ass to be halfway close to actually looking kickass. Pieces like this show how gaming and anime have become recognised in the everyday market, and with cosplay becoming more and more popular each year, perhaps we’ll see a new wave of cosplay high-street stores emerge.

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