Getting Started

One of the very first jobs I did was to gather as many pictures together as I could so I had some reference material and start to construct a piece by piece breakdown of the elements that make up Axton…

I then took all of these elements and put them into a table within word, this helps me to focus on the elements I need to find/buy/make and also works as a checklist once you have found them.

It isn’t pretty but it is functional! If you click here you can see the .PDF version of the complete document.

This also will help you think about how many items you have to build and come up with a timeframe to completion, which can be important if you have a tight schedule, this is where you need to decide between saving money and building it yourself or buying it ready-made, as ever with this process there will be things that will be hard to find/don’t exist, these are the items to focus on first especially if they are key items in bringing the character to life.

For this build mine are the guns, which have a definite OTT appearance and would not be off-the-shelf items, also Axtons skull shoulder patch which is very bold in all the . The final tricky element is the branding the equipment which if you have played Borderlands you will know there are a range of gun manufacturers and getting decals of these to go on my weaponry/accessories would be impossible to find.

This is just my starting point, my posts from this point on will all be about how I constructed each element.


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